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“We are particularly satisfied with the attention that Carlo Campobello gave to the details of workmanship and to the quality of materials employed. Carlo's genial character gave us peace of mind that our remodeling project was in good hands.” - Richard, European Owner







About Camarina Construction

The Campobello family

The Campobello family left Italy and settled in San Francisco in the 1960s. Carlo Sr. had been a contractor in Comiso on the isle of Sicily and once they were settled in the U.S. he began offering his European craftsmanship to home owners in the Bay Area.

Once his sons were teenagers, Carlo Sr. began teaching Carlo Jr. and Joseph the construction trade. In 1997 the brothers earned their contractor's licenses and in 2000 they became partners and formed Camarina Construction. Carlo Jr. and Joseph have their father to thank for instilling in them a sense of pride in their work and their love for the craft. This can be seen in their meticulous attention to detail, even in the smallest of jobs.

The Campobello brothers have now been serving the Bay Area for over a decade. Learn more about the services they offer »

The company name and logo

Camarina is the region of the Provence of Ragusa, Sicily where the Campobello family hails from. The Camarina Construction emblem is a trinacria. Trinacria is an alternative name for Sicily and is also a national symbol which appears on the Sicilian flag. The Medusa in the center symbolizes the protection of the Goddess Athena who is the Patron Goddess of the isle of Sicily. The three legs represent the three points of the island. The name speaks to the family's heritage and the craftsmanship that Carlo Campobello Sr. honed during his years of work in Italy.